Cyclists versus taxi drivers eternal enemies?

In the latest issue of its magazine Radwelt members reported the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC): “Surprisingly opened car doors are the bane of cyclists. If motorists or passengers do not pay attention to bicycle traffic when exiting, falls are almost inevitable. “Each cyclist will confirm this finding and is itself ever a car door dodged or even crashed into a car door. Unfortunately, overtaking with too little distance must often be tolerated, demanded are loud StVO 1.5 to 2 meters!
The driver of the vehicle is only partially responsible for the behavior of its passengers According to court rulings. Tearing taxi passengers regardless of cyclists on the car door, taxi drivers can not be held responsible and are not obliged to keep their passengers to verkehrsgerechtem behavior. But they stick with when you hold an administrative offense in part on the bike path and not warn the passengers from disembarking in front Farradfahrern. Some courts, however, believe that only the unwary passenger and his personal liability insurance are responsible. In Blog wheel Spannerei referenced abroad: “Perhaps the danger of accidents is Dooring a little less if Berlin cab driver to take their colleagues from Boston in the United States as a model. In the taxi has a small sticker out to watch passing cyclist before the cab door is open. “Is to be hoped also that the Berlin bike paths are expanded, and only then is no scope for conflict. For preventing accidents is probably in everybody’s interest.