Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers were not perpetuated without reason in the book and film, as well in just a few professions so many anecdotes and strange experiences can be told as among taxi drivers. At this point only the novel “The Iron Gustav” (1938) by Hans Fallada was mentioned. It deals with the cab driver Gustav Hartmann, who came out in protest against the decline of Droschkengewerbes and the rising number of cars from Berlin-Wannsee to Paris.
In code of professional is outlined briefly: “When taxi drivers / in need one thing above all. Good local knowledge. In order to be able to transport people a taxi license is required. The task is to perform various rides that gets communicated via radio of the taxi driver. Whether one has a private taxi or works for a company, is the driver himself. The trips can be but a few kilometers even longer distances to be. Some taxi companies perform ambulance runs, for example to an outpatient treatment Hospital. Here the center receives the payment from the insurance company. This assumes either the costs or recover the amount from the patient. “In Bremen a taxi driver earns statistically in Germany-wide comparison best, the income is an average of € 1,850 gross. Least the taxi driving in Saxony-Anhalt-pays here the average gross salary is 900 €.