Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of BetterTec GmbH (hereinafter “BetterTaxi”)

Here we inform you about our Terms and Conditions. They are available in German, always under ‘www.bettertaxi.de/agb’ or in the app and will be sent to your e-mail address sent (Art. 246 § 3 no. 2 and 4 BGB). In summary: – We can arrange taxi rides throughout Germany (I.) – Secondly, we provide fixed price trips with taxis and PHV (private hire vehicle), both with professional drivers (II.). Payment is made online. – The other conditions such as adhesion and operation requirements apply to both booking variants (III.-VI.).

I. Dispatched Taxi Rides

BetterTaxi provides the contact between the customer and the taxi driver. When a customer sends a request that is accepte7.50d by the driver, a valid contract has been created. The driver is responsible for the ride, also for any delays or no-shows.

BetterTaxi takes a fee of 2 Euros when a taxi ride is paid online via the web-booking. This fee is necessary to cover the disagio of the payment provider and for the accounting.

II. PHV Rides

(1) BetterTaxi provides transportation by taxis and other vehicles- including a professional driver. The two categories that are meant are “PremiumTransfer” and “Business Class”. On booking requests, the price is calculated. If the user presses “Order Now”, he delivers a contract offer at this price. A transportation agreement between the user and Bettertaxi is established when the ride is dispatched. His means of payment (eg. credit card or paypal) must be both valid and sufficiently covered at the time of booking as well as after completion of the transport. Otherwise € 10.08 excl. VAT will be charged.

(2) The transport contains the specified number of persons and the common extent of luggage. If the user wishes to transport excess or special baggage, he shall so indicate in its transport request. The price may then increase.

(3) The taxi user must be at the starting location up to 15 minutes after the agreed time, waiting for the driver in cases of PHV rides is up to 30 minutes. If there is a longer waiting period, he must immediately call the driver on the supplied phone number. If the driver is unreachable or there is undue waiting time, the user can cancel the trip for free.

(4) If the user is prevented in the waiting period, e.g. due to an earlier or later arrival of his flight or train, he must also call immediately on the telephone number provided to the driver. Should a transfer be possible and agreed upon, the user must take into account waiting times of up to 2 hours after the corrected arrival time. For the duration of the waiting period, he is liable to compensation payments, e.g. cost of parking fees. The first 15 minutes of waiting time are at no extra charge (45 minutes at airports). Thereafter it costs 15,00 EUR for each started quarter hour interval.

(5) Except the case stated in paragraph 3 sentence 2 the user can only cancel up to 24 hours prior to the departure PHV rides (Premium Transfer and Business Class) for free. If the user cancels later or violates a duty under paragraph 3 or 4, he must pay the full fare.

III. General obligations of the user

(1) BetterTaxi granted only grants usage rights for the app. The user is therefore responsible for the Internet access, the setting and the functioning of hissmartphone or web terminal.

(2) The user is obliged to truthfully and completely provide his personal data in the registry and to keep it up to date. He is responsible for the security of received data and the security of his user account and only he can access it.

(3) The responsibility for content published by him in the app or on the web and lies solely with the user. BetterTaxi is authorized to delete irrelevant, immoral or unlawful content without notice.

(4) If the user violates the law, he shall keep BetterTaxi clear from liability to third parties, especially the carriers, as well as the costs of appropriate legal defense.

IV. Liability of BetterTaxi

(1) For a negligently caused injury to life, body and health BetterTaxi is liable according to legal regulations.

(2) For negligent assets and property damage BetterTaxi is liable in case of breach of fundamental contractual obligations, including the booking of the trip, and only in the case of fixed-price booking.

(3) The amount of the damage is limited to the foreseeable contractual damage, maximum the threefold of the ride.

(4) In addition, BetterTaxi is only liable for intent and gross negligence, also by his agents.

(5) The customer needs to inform BetterTaxi without delay in case of complaints.

(6) BetterTaxi is not responsible for the content or third-party websites on the website. The user is not entitled to a permanent and uninterrupted availability of the app or needs to be informed of their unavailability.

V. Place of performance and applicable law

The place of performance is Munich. German law applies.

VI. Termination and exclusion from use

(1) The user can cancel the contract for the use of the app according to the legal regulations. The license agreement is terminable on either side at any time and without giving reasons in text form.

(2) BetterTaxican block the user due to legal or contractual violations.

VII. E-Mail newsletter

With your consent, we will use your email address occasionally to send you information about our service. You can opt-out of receiving this information at any time by using the unsubscribe link in the E-Mail.