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General questions

Are all trips automatically CO2 compensated?

Yes. Better taxi compensates all incurred rides on the Hamburg-based company Arctic, which is certified by the Gold Standard of the WWF.

Are the prices quoted binding?

How to Book?

BetterTaxi taxi Apps offers both; web app as well as a smartphone app (for iPhone). The Web App can be used as well as in mobile browsers or with the browser on the desktop computer, since the online booking has been optimized for mobile devices. This BetterTaxi is available on all operating systems.

In which cities and regions can I order on BetterTaxi?

Which company pick me up?

BetterTaxi kooperiert mit lokalen Unternehmen, um die Abholung auszuführen. BetterTaxi besitzt keine eigenen Fahrzeuge.

Premium Transfer and Business Class

How do I book in the categories Premium Transfer and Business Class?

The booking of these trips is done just like the taxi on our online booking and app. The difference here is that the trip is already reserved by credit card during the online booking.

What are the advantages of the Premium category?

For the first, we can offer this service at a fix price. That You know in advance how much you already will cost the ride and you pay for the trip earlier in our online booking. Second, you can be picked up there as well, where it is sometimes difficult to have the taxi, for example at the airport or the fair. We offer you the transfer to a free waiting time of 15 minutes. In addition, the driver can pick you up with a name board at the airport, if you so desire. The driver and the vehicle are reserved for transfer trips for you already in paying fixed. In contrast, taxi Pre allocated only about 20 minutes before the starting time of a driver. In situations with unexpectedly high demand (such as heavy rain), may result in delays and failures in taxi preorders. Rides with special requests such as MPV, certain number and type of child seat and carrycot or especially the pick up from airports or railway stations can be performed with a transfer drive reliable.

What are the diferences between the two categories Premium transfer and Business Class?

In general, a transfer in the premium categories is a country between two places, the code unlike the taxi with an official as “car rental with driver” (or limo) designated vehicle is performed. In any case, there are vehicles that are mostly black and be operated as the taxi of a professional driver. What makes the car rental with driver is that there is no meter, but the price is agreed in advance. For these vehicles are required as a company a concession, the so-called Car concession.

What is the cost of the transfer in the premium categories?

Basically, the heavily depends on the length of the track. The exact price you can code with a few clicks in our online taxi booking determine. In addition, the price depends on the selected vehicle category: While we have the premium transfer cars like the Skoda Superb, VW Caravelle or Mercedes Viano, as has the Business Transfer BMW 5 Series, the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E-Class.

What’s the downside of the transfer in the premium categories?

The disadvantage of the transfer of premium categories is that he is not in stock, unlike the taxi. We need at least 2 hours in order to be able to guarantee a vehicle. In general, the availability is not as high as the cab, so it can happen, which is available to a certain destination, no vehicle. In this case, you will of course receive from us in the short term feedback.

When is the ride with Premium Transfer and Business Class?

We think that the category Premium Transfer and Business Class have many advantages. When driving from the airport, they are, as offer a personal pick-up and the free waiting time of 15 minutes here. In principle, fair transfers or hotel transfers between hotel and airport are common near the airport transfer.

Taxi Apps

Can I cancel an order?

Yes. This is possible in principle. In Taxi orders, you can up to 20 minutes before departure to cancel the tour free of charge. In the transfer journeys to 24 hours (premium transfer) is free of charge. In the smartphone app, you can cancel the trip on the button “Cancel”. If you have booked on the Internet, you can cancel the trip on the appropriate button in the confirmation email.

Can I enter special requests?

Yes. Under “Booking option” You can send a personal message to the taxi company driver and give it in this way an indication. This feature is useful if you want the driver eg ring when he has arrived or will pick you up at a certain restaurant or hotel.

Can I order a taxi without registration?

Yes, you can book a taxi without creating an account, we just need the name, telephone number and email of the passenger in order to ensure a successful pick up. While you are booking just select the option “Continue as a guest”.

Can I pre-order a ride?

Ja. Es gibt die Möglichkeit den Abholzeitpunkt anzugeben. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Taxi-Bestellungen grundsätzlich nur kurz vor Fahrtbeginn an ein Fahrer vermittelt werden. In Einzelfällen und besonders wenn Sie spezielle Buchungswünsche haben, kann es passieren, dass zum benötigten Zeitpunkt kein Taxi verfügbar ist. Wenn Sie auf Nummer sicher gehen möchten, können Sie eine Transfer-Fahrt buchen und haben somit Fahrer und Fahrzeug für sich fest reserviert.

Do I have to specify the destination address when I book a taxi?

In a regular taxi booking this is not necessary but highly recommended. Some of our local companies otherwise may refuse us a ride mediation if the destination is not specified. Also the destination is required to show you fixed price offers (Premium Transfer and Business Class).

For which Operating Systems are Taxi Apps available?

BetterTaxi taxi Apps offers both; web app as well as a smartphone app (for iPhone). The Web App can be used as well as in mobile browsers or with the browser on the desktop computer, since the online booking has been optimized for mobile devices. This BetterTaxi is available on all operating systems.

Is the taxi order cancelled when I close or leave the app?

No. The Taxi order is processed even after closing the app. If the app crashes during the check-out process you will have to book again.

Which Functions does the Taxi App provide?

“The BetterTaxi App is the only taxi app which you need, our taxi local partner will pick you up in all Germany. The functions of the taxi app are:
1. Taxi Calculator – The calculator shows you taxi before ride the price. Simply enter your start and finish and our taxi calculator calculates the fare based on the local taxi fare.
2. Drive Instant or pre Taxi – Whether you want to go now or later, with Better get your taxi cab when you need it. Of course, you can process your orders again or cancel.
3. Environmentally friendly driving taxis – We balance the emissions from each Better taxi ride from. In addition, we are making a CO2 compensation to our partner, the Arctic GmbH. For you incur no additional costs!”

Why do I have to enter my location during taxi ordering?

If you do not enter the pick-up location in the app in the taxi order precisely, the taxi driver will not you.

Why do I have to give my phone number and email?

We need the phone number to you to be able to contact in the course of collection, if the driver does not find right away. It is therefore to indicate the phone number in your best interest. On the e-mail address will be sent a booking confirmation. They can give you an overview of the made Order information and a button to cancel the trip. We will not send advertising to your e-mail address. but use this only to facilitate the trip.

Taxi companies

How can I register with Better taxi?

The model of BetterTaxi – unlike, for example, to MyTaxi – to cooperate with local centers and local taxi and car rental companies. So we bind to any single driver of a driver-app, but convey usually through local or regional headquarters. If you as a taxi driver driving job comes over the – to the usual channels of communication – in your headquarters. In particular, the data radio systems offer the advantage of a spontaneous taxi mediation.

What brings BetterTaxi for taxi businessman?

BetterTaxi contact to new customer groups with an offer, (frequently) take the previously taxi. There are, for example, increasingly companies that refrain entirely from taxis as a taxi compared to public transport caused higher costs and is considered in some companies as a luxury. Through our range of CO2 compensation and an easy integration into the business processes we counteract. Obtained in this way or we win the taxi trade enterprise customers who face the taxi mobility critical.

What requirements are needed in order to obtain orders from BetterTaxi?

The system of BetterTaxi does not require new hardware or software on the part of taxi-drivers or taxi companies. We integrate our system with existing switching systems and not compete with the established systems. A prerequisite for mediation via radio data transmission that maintains its corporate headquarters the mediation agrees and BetterTaxi will be activated in the switching system. Depending on the level of technology, the technology provider of your switching centers charge a small fee for the device for activation. Experience has shown that this is approximately 300 EUR.