Taxi number

A taxi number helps the customer to order a taxi. The taxi number, also called Taxi Hotline, connects the customer with a taxi company. From this Taxizentrale the nearest taxi will be transferred to the customer.

Taxi numbers are dialed on the phone. When calling the customer of a taxi company must specify the desired time and the desired pick-up location. Most of the 500 taxi companies in Germany have their own taxi number. A majority of these are local taxi phone numbers. This is criticized by customers often. There is also Germany-wide taxi numbers that solve this problem. These numbers Taxi cooperate with several taxi companies in Germany, to whom the contract is forwarded. These nationwide taxi numbers no codes have to be logged. There are also smartphone apps that provide information on taxi numbers. However, smartphone apps replace the usual way of ordering a taxi on the taxi number. One can order a taxi in a few clicks. The Smarthone is located automatically, making the transmission of the site easier.

There are taxi companies who offer special deals such as taxi Limousine taxis.