Taxi central

Manage taxi companies the orders of each taxi customer. You receive the taxi bookings and forward those requests to free taxis on. This usually happens via radio or data exchange. This information, such as name, address and number of seats required to be passed. If the number exceeds four people, a so-called. XXL taxi is used. The next available taxi will pick up from the taxi office notifies the taxi customer.

Taxi centers are a composite of several taxi companies and are mostly organized in cooperatives. The individual taxi drivers receive their orders either through their Taxizentrale or directly from a customer’s site. In every German city, there are numbers under which taxis can be ordered. In Germany there is no taxi association of all taxi companies united. There are more than 500 taxi companies, which are independent of each other. Especially in large cities, there are a number of taxi companies. The city of Berlin has the largest number of taxi companies. Most of the taxi driver in Germany is connected to a taxi company. Membership of a taxi driver at a taxi office costs about 250 euros per month. However, this is worth it for the taxi driver, because most trips are mediated by the taxi companies. If a taxi driver refuses an order of headquarters, it may be that this punished him for it. It may happen so that fewer jobs are taught him in the subsequent period. Taxi centers are not subject to legal opening times and can therefore be reached around the clock. In smaller towns, it may happen that from 0:00 – 6:00 clock no taxi service is available early in the.

The taxi ordering via taxi companies is free for the customer.